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October 26, 2008 at 9:24 pm Leave a comment

The tree outside my ninth-floor window is within arm’s length. Closest to the window is a stubby pseudo-branch–it’s a little jagged at the end, which makes me think the maintenance guys sawed it off when it started to get a little fresh with the building. Perfect for a birdfeeder!, I thought. What a fun, interesting way to interact with nature!, I thought.

Let me tell you some things about birds.

  • They’re picky. I’ve got a jay who comes and systematically tosses out every piece of birdseed from the feeding trough till he finds the kind he likes.
  • They’re stupid. The titmice have not yet figured out that tapping on the birdfeeder does not yield food (notable subpoint: the titmice come early in the morning).
  • They’re ravenous. I filled up the feeder halfway this morning before I left, and when I got back around dinnertime it was basically gone. The birds are eating my booze money.
  • They’re ungrateful. I just want to take a picture! Don’t fly away!

Here are the advantages of having a birdfeeder outside my window:

  • Birds are kinda cute (especially the titmice).
  • I get to complain about them on my blog.

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Peirce, STDs, etc. Here’s hoping.

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