Peirce, STDs, etc.

October 24, 2008 at 12:12 pm Leave a comment

Tonight is the Celebration of Peirce Hall, planned by the College to wow the trustees into believing the $28-million investment was worth it. Personally I miss the old, tired grit of freshman-year Peirce, but that might just be nostalgia talking (it’s definitely nostalgia talking). Also, my opinion of Peirce has improved tremendously since they brought in more coffee dispensers. In any case, I’m looking forward to the “Bishop’s Sidecar Punch” (seriously), the sixteen-piece Big Band (seriously), and the five-foot-tall cake replica of Peirce (seriously!).

Also, check out this unsettlingly vague article from the Washington Post:

NORMANDY, Mo., Oct. 23 — Students at a suburban St. Louis high school headed to the gymnasium for HIV testing this week after an infected person told health officials that as many as 50 teenagers might have been exposed to the virus that causes AIDS.
Officials refused to give details on who the person was or how the students at Normandy High School might have been exposed, but the district is consulting with national AIDS organizations as it tries to minimize the fallout and prevent the infection — and misinformation — from spreading.

The St. Louis County Health Department said last week that a positive HIV test raised concern that students at Normandy might have been exposed. The department is not saying whether the infected person was a student or connected with the school, only that the person indicated that as many as 50 students may have been exposed.

Hochstedler said the district doesn’t know the person’s identity, or even whether he or she is a student. “We do know there was some potential exposure between that person and students,” he said. “We don’t know the individual or the route of transmission.”

Is there any possibility of misinformation spreading if there’s no information in the first place? Also, 50 people? Either there is a huge heroin problem at this school or someone’s operating a used-needle tattoo parlor out of his dad’s toolshed.


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