Second verse, same as the first.

August 22, 2008 at 12:36 am Leave a comment

So the NY Times had a big article today on Patrick Robinson, the new designer for Gap who’s basically being heralded as the great messiah, come to pull the store out of the doldrums and save it from bankruptcy (which is basically where it seems to be going).

“I just about died when I went in the store,” said Jennifer Black, the president of Jennifer Black & Associates, a research company focused on the apparel industry. “I don’t know how traffic’s been, but from an aesthetic perspective, I think it looks great. For me to be taken aback is kind of a big thing.”

So I was like, cool. There are Gaps all over the place here. Maybe they’ll have some sweet clothes for me to load up on before I head back to school next week. So I went over to their website to scope it out. And you know, some of it impresses me, of course, but really? This is it? There are some good, cute, classic, Gap-ish things that I like–the coats are nice–but some of it kind of makes me go “come on.”

Me like:

Oh, Gap:


I mean, I guess it’s nice. I like the coats. But I’m not sure this is going to give Gap the new lease on life that it hopes to get.

In other news, Isaac Mizrahi is still driving the wacky bus and everyone who shops at Target gets a free ticket to ride. I don’t know what breed of aging socialite and/or foreign dignitary he believes he’s designing for, but they are definitely not at the Edina Supertarget (last I checked).

Nonetheless, I love him. Shine on, you crazy diamond. Shine on.


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