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August 8, 2008 at 10:18 am Leave a comment

The New York Times just published a sweet Olympics viewing guide on its website. You can reorder the list of sports based on which ones you like best, and mark those events that you’re hoping to see. Obviously, NBC also provides a comprehensive schedule, albeit with a less friendly interface. Here’s my hilariously infeasible viewing guide:

Saturday, August 9
10:00pm Men’s Swimming, 400m medley, final
10:30pm Women’s Swimming, 400m medley, final

Sunday, August 10
10:15am Men’s Basketball, preliminary round, United States vs. China

Monday, August 11
8:00am Women’s Basketball, preliminary round, China vs. United States

Tuesday, August 12
2:30am Women’s Diving, 10m platform synchronized, final

Thursday, August 14
11:15pm Women’s Gymnastics, individual all-around, final

Saturday, August 16
6:00am Women’s Tennis, Singles, Gold Medal match
7:00am Women’s Weightlifting – over 75kg, final
10:30am Men’s Track and Field, 100m, final
7:30pm Women’s Track and Field, marathon
10:00pm Women’s Swimming, 100m free, final
10:37pm Women’s Swimming, 4x100m medley relay, final
10:55pm Men’s Swimming, 4x100m medley relay, final

Sunday, August 17
5:10am Women’s Rowing, eight with coxswain, final
9:30am Women’s Track and Field, 3,000m steeplechase, final
10:30am Women’s Track and Field, 100m, final
10:37am Women’s Swimming, 4x100m medley relay, final
10:00pm Women’s Triathalon, final

Tuesday, Aug 19
10:30am Women’s Track and Field, 100m hurdles, final

Thursday, August 21
8:00am Women’s Diving, 10m platform, final
9:00am Women’s Soccer, gold medal match

Friday, August 22
8:30am Women’s Table Tennis, singles, gold medal match

Saturday, August 23
6:00am Men’s Baseball, gold medal game
8:00am Women’s Volleyball, gold medal match
8:30am Men’s Table Tennis, singles, gold medal match
7:30pm Men’s Track and Field, marathon

I told you it was infeasible. Count on me actually seeing about 20 percent of these.

Other than the usual big hitters (the 100m dash, any swimming events involving Michael Phelps, appearances by the U.S. basketball team), and oddballs (synchronized diving, table tennis), the events I really want to watch will be anything “vs. China.”

As China beats its chest and strives for the top medal count, it’ll be interesting to gauge the attitude of American commentators as the host’s team competes. Media coverage of China hasn’t exactly bridged any diplomatic divides—I think some industry animosity about the country’s handling of foreign press has seeped into the coverage. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how its athletes fare. Will they be the villains to beat, in the style of Russian competitors 20 years ago, or hapless victims of the ruthless Chinese athletic-industrial complex?


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